They say…



"You provided astute and extremely valuable feedback on my stories. Your written comments and our conversation were helpful beyond expectation. Your suggestions removed several of my previous blind spots and were exactly what I needed. I can't wait to revise accordingly." 
Diane Allerdyce (Florida)

“Without a doubt, you are the best!”
A. Frank (Miramar)

“I wanted to let you know that I submitted my story to Tin House Summer Workshop (I got in!) and to the University of Edinburgh 1-Year MSc Creative Writing Program (I’ll be attending this Fall!). So, I really wanted to thank you for helping me steer that story in the right direction.”
Lis Mesa (Miami)

“Both the stories you edited for me lately have gotten picked up. […] I need to send you all my stories, obviously!”
Andrea Askowitz (Coral Gables)

“I know for sure I can always count on you!”
Andrelle Bien-Aimé (Miramar)

I am so blessed to have had MJ as an editor on my last book. I was blown away by her skills! Not only did she catch every small error as a proof reader, but her suggestions elevated my book to the next level. I am so grateful for the amazing job she did.
— Cassandra Aarssen, The Clutter Connection


“I cannot thank you enough. Not just for the translation [of the poem], which is beautiful, but for your kind words and reflection.”
France-Luce B. (Brooklyn)

“Thank you so much! WOW! You always exceed my expectations!”
Andrelle Bien-Aimé (Miramar)

“You’re a triple threat: A talented writer, a sharp editor, and a great human being.”
Marie-Ketsia Théodore-Pharel (Homestead)

“I just gave both documents a quick read. From the second I opened them I wanted to cry – it all just looks so gorgeous on the page.”
Lis Mesa (Miami)

“With your work ethics, I predict your company will go far.  Quality will always pay off, in the end. Keep up the good  work.”
Yamile S. (Miami)

MJ is a total blessing as an editor. I was fortunate enough to work with her on my recent Mango title Mad Monk Manifesto and found her thorough, more than pleasant, and above all, imaginative in presenting me with a different way to see and organize my material. I look forward to working with her again on more titles in my queue, and can not too highly recommend her.
— Monk Yun Rou, Mad Monk Manifesto


“Your writing brings her reader right into the room, inside your skin, feeling and smelling and sensing and responding to everything that surrounds you.”
Dory Dickson (Medford)

“Your writing is rich and vivid. You write with authenticity and incredible empathy.”
The Curious Reader

“Your prose is beautifully poetic.”
Allison Squires, At the Inkwell

“You write with precision: Every sentence is ripe with flourish.”
Amy Reyes, The Miami Herald

“Your prose is lush and reminds me of the complex Haitian French and the multi-layered meaning often buried in Haitian Creole.”
Jerry Delince (Miami)

“The writing is vivid, the descriptions poetic, and at times haunting.”
Jan B. (Hialeah)

“I received feedback from the editor and I was very pleased. Thank you very much for working on my piece. You did an awesome job and I am looking forward to working with you again. You are the best.”
Felleng Nkhereanye

It was a pleasure working with you and would enjoy working with you on my next book.
— Steven Shulman, My Uncle Gloria


“Your appreciation for detail, both external and internal is matched by your skill at choosing the words to best evoke deep emotion, forming a strong connection over and over with the reader. You have a rare talent to draw the reader quite close to you.”
Dory Dickson (Medford)

“The most remarkable thing by far […] is the rich language, written with a poet’s ear and eye for description and rhythm. [The] astonishing  similes and metaphors, heaped upon each other for paragraphs at a time are dazzling.”
Holly Huitt, Pank Magazine

“I would like to say thank you to Geoffrey for the referral. M.J. is the best and she will be the one editing my future novels. Thank you, sir. All the glory goes to our Lord for the gift of creativity.”
Felleng Nkhereanye

“You write masterfully of emotion, giving concrete weight to words that are otherwise just floating, fluttering ideas.”
Holly Huitt, Pank Magazine



[M.J. Fievre] is a fresh voice in an increasingly globalized world. Given the breadth of her experiences and her passion for telling stories, [she] is well on her way to becoming one of our generations’ most enduring literary talents.
— Carmella De Los Angeles Guiol, Saw Palm: Florida Literature & Art

The icing on the cupcake…

“MJ did such remarkable work on Revelations: Roads to Redemption that the novel is now in the process of being adapted as a screenplay. 2019 will be a great year. Let MJ put the icing on the cupcake for you.” Yanatha Desouvre

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March 2016. M.J.’s students came to support her at a reading at Books & Books, in Coral Gables