Mission Statement

Our arts and letters technicians empower clients in need of high-quality art, writing, and translation services.


Anna handed us a package, postmarked Guatemala.

“I need you to bring my grandmother back,” she said.

Inside, we found a stack of handwritten poems in elegant cursive. Anna explained that her grandmother had written the poems years ago; they had been left to Anna when she passed away recently.

The problem was that the poems were all in Spanish, and Anna had no grasp of the language. She’d only visited her grandmother a few times as a child.  All her life, there had been a language barrier between them, and now, in her grief, Anna wanted an opportunity to crash past that barrier and reach an understanding of her grandmother and her life’s work.  She needed someone who could translate the poetry with nuance, to preserve the personality of the poet.

Our guild included the translator she needed.

We are skilled and certified in all types of translations and in a variety of languages. We can collaborate with you on your marketing materials, your novel, short story collection, play, poetry or technical book.

It turns out Anna’s grandmother was cheeky, and her poems were full of the personality Anna had been hoping she’d discover. Her poetry had both Anna and M.J. howling with laughter and delight, and we’ll admit, we shed a few tears while translating the poetry.  Anna walked away with a stack of poems she could share with the American branch of her family, and the generations that would follow, and a greater understanding of her grandmother.

our translators

  • Write well and adhere to a given framework

  • Transfer style, tone, and cultural elements accurately from one language to another

  • Pay attention to detail

You’re a triple threat: A talented writer, a sharp editor, and a great human being.


For years, Zelda stored secrets in the cupboards of her home: a memoir, a novel, and scads of short stories and poems. But she had children to support, and writing is a risky venture, so she kept them locked away. As far back as she could remember, she’d been filling notebooks on the sly. Her kids were older now, and there was more time to devote to the one thing she’d held off on, pursuing her dream of publication.

She went to a community writing class. The words started coming faster. She sent a novel manuscript off to a small press, and they wrote back with a nice rejection letter, suggesting she work with a coach to help her develop her story into something they could print.

They referred her to us.

Sometimes even seasoned writers need someone to guide them to publication. Members of our guild have been coaching writers for years. You don’t need to have a writing degree to publish your work, but it helps to have a coach on your side to help you untangle the story in your mind and bring it fluently to the page. Whether it’s a technical or medical book, a novel, a memoir,  a book of poetry, or even shorter pieces you want to polish, we have the writing coach you need.

We showed Zelda things she’d never imagined could be done with her novel. With our guidance, she ripped her book apart and reassembled it with unforgettable characters, and a plot that would enthrall readers. Most importantly, we helped Zelda gain the confidence she needed to believe that writing was something she’d already been doing for years.

After months of Skype conferences with us, Zelda sent an application to a writing retreat with chapters of her novel we’d revised—and she received a full tuition scholarship. Shortly after she returned, Zelda received her first acceptance letter from a literary journal in Scotland, eager to print an essay she’d written. She’s well on her way to publishing her first book—and we’ll be cheering her on, through every draft.

our writing coachES will

  • Help you identify short-term and long-term goals.

  • Develop a plan for success so that you reach those goals.

  • Create a weekly action plan that includes prioritizing projects.

  • Address challenges in meeting your goals, such as time management and creativity blocks.

Sensitivity Reading

Our guild include sensitivity readers. 


By pointing out places where the writer has (unwittingly) succumbed to stereotypes, we help him/her create richer, more nuanced multidimensional characters, fresh perspectives, and build a more detailed, believable world: a better book.

Ghostwriting & Collaborative Writing

Our phone rings. It’s a man in need of a ghostwriter to unlock a tragic story that’s been troubling him for years, because it’s gone untold. We get these calls often.  This man previously hired another writer to help him with the project, “But the text is sloppy,” he explains to us.

His wife is on the line too. She corrects him: “It’s grammatically sound but has no soul.”

“We need a professional.”

That would be us.

Whether it’s a bored Manhattanite with a sordid tale of seduction who can’t find the words to bring her novel to the page, a professional looking to hire a writer to produce a technical tome that doesn’t bore the pants off a reader, or a man like this, with a desperate need to share a story from his life, our guild has the ghost who can get things done—the cipher who can exorcise the book you’ve been haunted by and turn the book of your imagination into a reality.

The real beauty […] resides in the depth of Fièvre’s writing.  There is poetry in the smallest details.  I found myself re-reading sentences, ideas, and passages […] Simply to absorb the beauty within. (THE LITERARY REVIEW)

The man hires Logan Masterworks for Chapter 1. “To test the waters,” he says. He pays. We write. His wife reads the first chapter; it gives her insomnia. On the phone, she’s bawling. Chapter 1 put them both on their knees; it brought them back to the night of the incident that changed their lives forever.

“You have soul,” he tells us.

Our new client hires us for the remaining chapters. Both our client and his wife are happy. We're happy too.

OUR ghostwriterS will:

  • Conduct interviews and research to learn all about you and your project.

  • Plan and outline your project.

  • Ghostwrite original content (manuscripts, screenplays, speeches, letters, articles, songs, blog posts, stories, etc.) based on interviews or research.

  • Revise the writing per your feedback and guidance.

  • Edit the text meticulously to ensure it is free of error.

  • And… you get all the credit!



David had an idea for his business, but was having trouble with the copy on his webpage. If only he could get the wording right, he’d make millions, he said. His ideas were fantastic, but his writing was rough. Clients weren’t calling, and how can one be an entrepreneur without client calls? He needed an editor who could help bring in the client calls quick.

He called us.

David was right. He could make millions with his brilliant ideas, but his writing was full of grammatical errors and run-on sentences. He needed an editor.

Every writer needs an editor, and every writer’s needs are individual to their work. If you’re seeking out editing services, be sure to look for someone who is versatile, and understands your needs. Whether you have a book ready for publication that needs a proofread, a copy-edit, or a more thorough developmental revision, we have an editor for you. Our guild members have experience in revising both creative and professional/technical writing. We can spruce up your rough draft and make it ready for readers.

Shortly after we completed edits on David’s webpage, he called us back. He needed more editing help. The calls were coming so quickly from new clients, he was expanding his web page to offer more services, and could finally afford to take out some advertisements. Could we help him edit some more?

You bet we did.

your personal editor will:

  • Provide feedback on—and edit—your writing.

  • Organize your book and help you develop a book proposal.

  • Help you expand your author platform.

  • Help you develop a powerful and effective promotion plan for your book.

Illustration and Graphic Design

Our guild of artists will collaborate with you on your project to cross the complex intersections between language and the visual arts. We're happy to discuss how our designs conceptually and materially adapt and participate in the practices of other arts, creating innovative hybrids.


Artisan Publishing

The publishing industry is undergoing a momentous revolution, with independent publishing as a major force in the world of books. Book production is more accessible than ever, with a wide range of formats and options for authors to choose from. Our team can prepare you to be part of this exciting future by guiding you though the interactive steps involved in the process of a book launch. From conception and submission through editing, production, marketing, and beyond, Logan Masterworks will demystify the process from the inside out.